You're Invited to our Art Show - August 18th 7-9pm

Join us for a fun night, as we celebrate the works of Clara Berta and Jung ji "Masa" Lee at Opodz. Light refreshments will be served, and you'll be able to meet the artists in person.

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Clara Berta -

Clara is a passionate, award-winning abstract artist of Hungarian heritage. Her dynamic, highly textural abstract paintings have been exhibited in the United States and collected worldwide. Clara began her life in a culturally rich Hungarian enclave in Romania, but her world changed completely when she moved to the bustling city of Chicago at age eleven.

Another significant change happened in 1987 when she moved to California. It was while she was getting her BA in Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, she discovered her love of painting.

At first, art was simply a creative outlet which was set aside after she married. But in 2003 the passion came back and Clara began studying printmaking. That same year, Clara embarked on another artistic endeavor when she wrote, produced and performed her one woman show Sex is My Specialty, receiving rave reviews. However, shortly after that success, Clara lost her husband. Grieving, she returned to painting as a form of therapy. The experience was so healing and rewarding that Clara dedicated herself to art full-time.

“My approach to art is bold, deconstructed, sensual, and passionate. My technique of adding and removing texture and paint with a large palate knife allows me to create movement until I discover the painting I was meant to create.”

In 2008 she studied advanced composition and technique at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy. Her early works were mixed media, often incorporating mementos from her travels or found objects. After finding gallery representation in 2011, she shifted her style to larger, more abstract works with more layers, textures, and depth. As Clara became more prolific, she needed a larger space and in 2015 she opened BertaArt Studio Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, now a popular stop on the Downtown LA Art Walk.

In 2016 she was honored with a 3rd place award at the “Made In California” exhibit at the City of Brea Municipal Gallery, where her piece Awakening was featured on the cover of the Brea catalog. Awakening was the start of Clara’s Flow series, which incorporated a new technique of pouring paint in a series of layers across the canvas and allowing it to flow, resulting in bold and intriguing shapes with a strong emotional impact.

In addition to exhibits across the US, Clara’s work has been featured in film and television including CBS’s Two Broke Girls, Bravos’ Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Disney’s You Again, Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, ABC’s The Catch, and the indie TV film Broken Links. Her art has also been seen in LA Weekly, Singular Magazine, Culture Trip, Downtown News and other publications.


Jung ji "Masa" Lee -

Kondomozo and Ubume are two characters that I invented. They serves as my surrogate self, a synthesis of Korean and Japanese cultures, a metaphor for the meeting of opposites, and the border that separates them. While one may interpret this characters as a reflection of a variety of ideas and aesthetics particular to Asian experiences and identities, Kondomozo and Ubume are primarily a response to the racism I faced as a bi-racial person. I wanted to create a creature who is culturally flexible and who personifies self-acceptance.

The universe that Kondomozo and Ubume inhabit is constructed from conscious and subconscious drawings, doodles, text and maps. The palette is inspired by cave paintings.
Kondomozo and Ubume's simple shape is repeated and juxtaposed against a chaotic, drawn environment. Kondomozo and Ubume act as a smooth-skinned, nearly-featurless guide, in a wildly unpredictable and marred universe.

I find inspiration in the work of several artists and the aesthetics of many cultural movements. These influences include: Jean-Michel Basquiat; On Kawara; Yoshitomo Nara; Inka Essenhigh; Mark Manders; Laura Owens; Suh Do-ho; Cy Twombly; Julie Mehrets; Andy Warhol; Jackson Pollock; Gustav Klimt; Noh Theater; Japanese YOUKAI story with Natsuhiko Kyougoku works; KOTODAMA; Super Flat-Takashi Murakami; Otaku culture and Mandala painting.

I believe that everyone perceives themselves—in some way—as a minority of sorts. It is my hope that Kondomozo and Ubume may act as an ambassador of “Other-ness” and that people of all backgrounds will feel at home with them, or curious about them.

Highlights from Recording Now!

"Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast but didn't know where to begin?

Join the hosts of Potluck, a collective of podcasts featuring stories and voices from the Asian American community, to learn what it's like to produce an independent podcast when you don't come from traditional radio -- whether you want to do a re-watch podcast of your favorite TV show, an interview podcast with special guests, or a storytelling podcast just like your favorite Radiolab show.

Stay after the panel for a live recording of They Call Us Bruce, with special guest Chef Shirley Chung!!!

6:30pm Doors open with light refreshments and snacks
7:00pm Podcast Host Panel
8:00pm Live recording of "They Call Us Bruce" ft. Special Guest Chef Shirley Chung (Top Chef).

PODCASTS from Potluck: An Asian American Podcast Collective:

KollabCast (Marvin Yueh and Christine Minji Chang)
Saturday School (Ada Tseng and Brian Hu)
Drunk Monk Podcast (Will Choi and Keiko Agena)
Asian Americana (Quincy Surasmith)
They Call Us Bruce (Phil Yu and Jeff Yang)
Korean Drama Podcast (Will Choi)"

AAJA-LA Mobile Journalism Workshop

Oh, what a memorable night. So glad that Maya Sugarman and AAJA were able to document it with their phones. Attendees learned the best tricks on taking fab photos, and enjoyed snacks by Spitz. Meanwhile, Kenu generously donated mobile tripods for the events. 

Here are some photos below.

For folks who are curious, you can learn more about the event and download Maya's presentations here: Let's do it again soon! :)

Apps to download

Here are some of the apps we discussed at the end of the workshop. Keep using #aajalaphoto to share your experiments!

Snapseed (Free, iPhone and Android): simple, user-friendly photo editing app.

Filterstorm ($3.99, iPhone and iPad only): more advanced photo editing app, supports adjustment layers.

Photoshop Mix (Free, iPhone and Android): more advanced photo editing app.

Afterlight ($0.99, iPhone and Android): has more subtle filters than Instagram's.

Image Blender ($3.99, iPhone only): make double exposures!

Layout from Instagram (Free, iPhone and Android): make photo collages!

5SecondsApp (Free, iPhone and Android): make GIFs from videos in your photo library!