Thank You for the Ramen

One of the very best things about Opodz and our Little Tokyo location is the proximity to so much excellent ramen. So when I saw today's Google Doodle (tm?), I peeped what appeared to be ramen and clicked for the back story, possibly for the first time ever. 

Google tells the illustrated tale of Momofuku Ando and how he came to invent instant ramen and Cup Noodle (which my brain and fingers want to call Cup o' Noodles so badly!) While a lot of effort was spent during and after WWII on dehydrating, instant-o-fying and generally ruining fresh food in an effort to save "moms" time and effort in the kitchen, Ando had a much more altruistic motivation. Ando's goal was to end world hunger. Actually, Ando expanded his instant noodle empire to include "Space Ram," noodles for astronauts. So really, Ando was an entrepreneur, a scientist and a humanitarian with the desire to end universal hunger.

And thanks, Google, for the interesting and somewhat obscure history lesson. I fear you and I love you.