How To Get Dressed And Then Some

Our hearts beam with pride when our members accomplish amazing things and Alison Freer has us glowing. Hers is a classic coworking story. Girl gets book deal. Girl tries to work from home and panics. Girl finds Opodz and discovers productivity, inspiration and focus and completes her brilliant tome, How To Get Dressed. The book hit stores this week and Alison celebrated with a fantastic book bash.     

Now, you might think you have a pretty good handle on getting dressed, but Alison, costume designer, fashion editor and stylist has a million ingenious tricks to improve your wardrobe's fit, comfort and style. This book is like having a sensible yet sassy fashion expert as your BFF.

Alison's next book should be "How To Throw a Badass Party," because that girl knows how to throw a classy shindig. We're still talking about her handcrafted donut wall. 

The gals of Chicks with Whisks kept the crowd fed and happy. Cucumber cups filled with pureed avocado, topped with shrimp? Yes please! And did I mention the fried mac 'n cheese balls?

And cheers to Deep Eddy Vodka for the tasty, tasty cocktails!