Meet Our Members: Jun Kim & Simplicitee!

Have you seen all the excitement surrounding the limited edition Opodz tees? We’ve partnered with startup (and member!) Simplicitee. Simplicitee is a company with a simple mission; to empower individuals with the easiest and quickest way to convert an idea into a shirt. And even better, it’s cost and risk-free. It goes like this – you design your shirt, you set your sales goal and deadline and then you spread the word. If you meet your sales goal in time, your shirts get produced and shipped. If you don’t meet your goal, no shirts are produced and you haven’t invested in a bunch of un-sold inventory. Genius!


We spoke with Founder Jun Kim about his background and what lead to Simplicitee. After graduating with a degree in Finance and a couple years spent in banking, Jun decided to turn his attention to the invigorating world of tech startups. The idea for Simplicitee came while he was working at BitTorrent.

“When I was working at BitTorrent, I had to figure out a way to monetize the users. We had a sense of loyalty among our users and were perceived positively amongst consumers and among the users themselves and we thought, ‘Hey! Why don’t we sell branded merchandise?’ I’d be walking down the street in my BitTorrent shirt and people would give me the thumbs up or ‘I know that company!’ It was a good conversation starter and it was usually positive.”

The concept of crowd-funding the merch came when the money folks at BitTorrent encouraged him to find ways to minimize risk and initial investment. The company ultimately changed focus and after a round of layoffs, Jun saw an opportunity to leave on great terms and with a little funding to pursue his idea.

“This is my first take at something entrepreneurial, though I used to flip Airheads in school. I really like that freedom of initiative where I can just try something that’s in my mind. That’s hard to do in a corporate space.”

Fast-forward several months and lots of hard work later, and Opodz is extremely proud to be one of Simplicitee’s first campaigns (quick! Go buy a shirt!)  The next step for Simplicitee? Jun is planning continued improvements to the website and optimizing the designing, selling and buying processes. Congratulations Simplicitee! (And really – go buy an Opodz Tee!)