Haaaave You Met Suitely?

It's been an amazing journey watching Suitely.com - a home-decor  e-commerce startup - launch their beta site during their time here at Opodz

The premise is simple but brilliant - consumers can buy a whole decor suite for the home with just a few clicks. 

But more than that, Suitely's model allows you to save time by having talented and skilled designers curating beautiful suites for you.You save money by purchasing en suite rather than purchasing a la carte all over the whole creepy internet. And you save years off your life by not having to stress over a variety of decor details and the overwhelming proposition of having to start the whole process from scratch. 

Suitely launched their beta site earlier this month and I was thrilled to give it a try. As someone who often gets frustrated whilst internet shopping, I genuinely enjoyed the process of browsing through the suites and picking all my favorites. And when I received a box filled with beautiful goodies a few days later, it was better than Christmas and free office donuts combined. Seriously, I felt a little guilty about all the amazingness I'd received for so little cost.

A few minutes later that feeling passed and I cackled with glee as I brought my gorgeously curated accessories home (except for the beautiful candles photographed here, Opodz deserves a little Suitely decor as well).

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