It seems like Whole Foods isn't going to be called Whole Paycheck anymore: Introducing 365 by Whole Foods


We all like Whole Foods, let's admit it. We love the fact that the store smells of freshly-prepared gourmet food and that we get to enjoy displays of pastries capable of satiating every dietary restriction under the moon. Whole Foods has become a space that offers us comfort and accessibility at the same time.

But we all like to hate on the store as well. Maybe it's because it sometimes seems like a mecca for perfectly-bodied models and hipster trust fund kids? Or perhaps we all hate the fact that we fall into the trap of buying their overpriced goods and end up spending at least a day's worth of our paychecks every time we step foot in there.

Fear no more, 365 by Whole Foods has arrived and it is a more affordable grocery shopping option. I personally went to review the food aisles of this new Silverlake-based store and was pleasantly surprised to discover that 365 offers the same diversity and quality in food that is offered by Whole Foods. There were abundant and affordable gluten-free and/or vegetarian, and vegan options available. There was plenty of pre-made food and there were many iPads ready to take your order. 

Of course I ended up spending way more than I had prepared for (I was on my way home from Trader Joe's so my budget was $0) but I left with food of such high quality that I am proud to say will keep me from eating out for at least a week. Check out 365 by Whole Foods in Silverlake too and tell us what you think about it!

P.S. Of course a fake instragram account was already created by somebody who wanted to poke fun at this new mecca of cool kid shoppers. Or to poke fun at Silverlake, who knows. Check it out. It's a good laugh!

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