How To Learn From Your Competitor's Website


Hey Opodz! This week we wanted to share a few best practices that we believe will help your website gain an edge over your competitors.

Why? Because let’s be real, most of us at this open office space are owners of our businesses or have a stake in the startup community and we know that is nearly impossible to properly market without a cutting-edge website. Even though it may seem like a simple task, designing an efficient website to maximize subscriptions/signups can quickly become daunting.

Here are some quick tools and best practices that you MUST know about, whether you are delegating the webdesign and SEO to a trusted expert or doing it yourself.


1. There’s a reason why your top competitors display similar website layouts:

Without getting too much into detail, there’s a reason most app-development studios and production studios have similar button layouts, colors, designs, and blog about the same things. So whatever sector your business may be in you must compile a list of your top ten (most successful) competitors and take a look at what they are displaying on their websites. Look out for:

a) Offers

b) Designs

c) Website and Blog content (lookup SEO)

e) Button Layouts/ Calls to action

d) Links to 3rd parties


2. Use the tool. Seriously. Here’s why:

You and your team may be thinking up some wonderful and original ideas to advertise your business but sadly, they may not work. The is a website that allows you to enter the URL of your competitors and see what their sites looked a few months or even a few years ago. You’ll find that many improvements and changes have been made to the sites of the most successful competitors and you will probably have a better judgement on whether your idea is original and great or just kind of sucks.


3. Don’t be afraid to show people. Don’t be afraid of getting feedback.

Yes, whether you’re bouncing around ideas with your employees, superiors, or the designer/programmer that you hired to get your website up, always have open ears and don’t take anything personally. Be open to change. We’re all victims of seeing our work with love-vision.


4. Don’t use

Although it is an easy business package to purchase, as opposed to, does NOT allow you to set up beneficial changes to your SEO. So if you want to rank high up in Google search, make sure to use and install SEO plugins yourself. Trust us, we’ve been there. Other options are also Squarespace, Wix, or setting up your own template on a host by scratch. Buy a template in template forrest if you don’t have the time to code line per line.