Women Amaze Me Was A Success!

Hello lovely people! We just want to use this medium to thank all those who attended the panel on entertainment “Women Amaze Me,” we also want to especially thank the speakers who went above and beyond in their presentations and interaction with the public. Thanks again to Johnnie Raines, Ryan Meyer, Laura Brunkala, Heather Ross, Sue Hamilton and Paul Elia! We were honored to have you on the panel.

The attendees got to hear the path that each of these industry professionals followed to achieve their goals. Attendees got to ask the questions they’ve always wanted answers to and had the opportunity to mingle with the speakers after the event.

It was simply inspiring to see all the speakers come together and see the energy and enthusiasm that radiated from everyone present! Careers in entertainment are a work in progress people so don’t forget that!

Special thanks to Opodz, the coworking space and community who opened its doors to host “Women Amaze Me.”

opodz opodz

Opodz, 362 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012