AAJA-LA The Freelancer Job Fair: Meet Publishers, Get Hired! Event Recap


Last Thursday, we had the luxury of meeting talented people at the AAJA-LA Freelancer Job Fair. It was quite a turnout, since the event had waitlists which spilled three times over the expected attendance number.

Nevertheless, newcomers and more seasoned AAJA-LA community members alike bonded over shared stories and experiences. The night matched freelancers and various publications in a style reminiscent to a group speed-dating experience. At a given time, about 5-7 individuals spoke a representative of a chosen publication seated at a roundtable. Then after fifteen minutes, the freelancers switched to the next table.

At the same time, some folks gathered in our conference room to speak with other publications over Google Hangouts. Judging from beaming smiles and countless times people exchanged business cards, we can safely say that each person gained a positive experience from the fair.

That being said, shoutout to Mariko, Anthony and the numerous volunteers for making the event a success. We look forward to seeing everyone again at Opodz.

Photo credit: Timmy Truong was kind enough to share his photos of the event.

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